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It’s important to aim this move well so that you don’t hit any hard surfaces of the monster. After saving up spirit energy by successfully attacking, the long sword user will strike with spirit blade attacks to deal big damage. It’s actually a parry. The Long Sword is best known for its sweeping, long-range combos. This allows hunters to build up a … Several late-game armor sets also have skills that mitigate the loss of sharpness. Unlike some other weapons the Long Sword makes more use of, The last combo is much more difficult to pull off and may take some practice as you must press. PlayStation 4 Beta Kicks Off on June 21! Don’t overlook it. M onster Hunter World (MHW) features 14 different weapon types, with the Long Sword being one of them. But because i am really suck at the game, i was building my setup mainly just on defense skill and ignoring on the element resistance stat. Long Sword Guide; Long Sword Builds; Note: If you are on Mobile device swipe table to the left to see the below full table information completely. Nevertheless, its high attack power and simple moveset make the long sword the most popular weapon with players online as of this writing (according to that First Wyverian). The unspoken loop: What the heck am I supposed to do next? After the thrust, pressing triangle or Y will go to the rising slash (the fourth hit of the standard combo chain). This indicates a buff to your attack power. A simple but information packed walkthrough for Monster Hunter: World! Last updated on: 11/26/2020 4:32 AM. Thanks to its one-piece Punishing Draw, Frostfang Barioth Longsword set could be the weapon that dish out the highest K.O. PrimeraEspada91; Monster Hunter World Guides; Monster Hunter World Iceborne Augment System Guide. Let’s get right to it. Be mindful of them when using this weapon and avoid hitting them if you can. Long sword users are going to charge in and attack the monster while paying close attention to its movements and using their various evade moves to get out of the way of the monster’s attacks. The Long Sword is an excellent overall weapon and one that isn’t difficult to learn, making it a solid choice for new players. Maintain a balance, and you’ll see your damage shoot through the roof and your hunts end quickly. Long Sword Guides. Longsword Choices There are a ton that are great but some highlights would be the NERG Longsword for a great all-arounder and the Divine Slasher Arena sword for some great raw damage. Click on a weapon to go to its … You shouldn’t devote a lot of space to the skill, but if you have a spare spot and nothing else to put there, it won’t hurt. damage out of all Punishing Draw users — if you manage to consistently hit Iai Slashes on the head. Tweet on Twitter. Brachydios loadout has set bonus skill Agitator Secret which unlocks level 7 of Agitator. How to master a close-range melee weapon with high attack power and unique evasive capabilities. The thrust is circle or B — the same move as in the standard combo chain. By. When you deal damage with regular attacks your Spirit Gauge fills. This is something that will take much practice and patience, along with much knowledge of enemy attack patterns acquired through out the course of the game. Monster Hunter: World’s long sword is a close-range melee weapon with high attack power and unique evasive capabilities. The damage output of this weapon is directly tied to how skillfully you play. You can repeat this sequence indefinitely. Long Sword (太刀 tachi) is a weapon category in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Press triangle and circle (or Y and B) at the same time to use fade slash. Players using the Long Sword must pull off frequent Spirit Combos or their Gauge will deplete and their damage bonus will wear off. Each level raises the attack power of the Long Sword by a decent amount. Keep this up, without taking hits that will stall the process, and you can work your way up to really big damage. This move slices horizontally, and your character immediately hops backwards. Good Luck Hunters! Title Target Audience Author(s) Unrelenting Strikes, A Guide to the Sword and Shield: Everyone /u/Leoneri: Dual Blade Guides. Press R2 and circle (or RT and B) to use foresight slash. With Fatalis, you can now free from Master Touch. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Long Sword List. Speed sharpening does what it sounds like it does: It cuts down the length of the long whetstone animation to make it more manageable in a fight. Affinity is deeply tied to attack (it decides how often you’ll make critical hits) so if possible try to boost this stat with critical eye. Learning to manage your Spirit Gauge is of the utmost importance to would-be Long Sword users, as it is the best way to keep their damage high and maximize their DPS. Monster Hunter: World Long Sword Guide And Meta Builds 12/16/2018 by Honey Dodogama. How research points and Ecological Research work, Three simple ways to manipulate the system and gain health, Everything you need to know about fishing, Endemic life, your capture net and fishing rod, Gourmet shroomcaps location guide (Fungal Flexin’ in the Ancient Forest), How to use the wishlist for faster crafting, Item management, your item pouch and item box, Using the D-pad, the item bar and radial menus, Monster Hunter: World high rank beginner’s guide, Monster Hunter: World zenny farming guide. These rare 9 and above weapons were added with the Iceborne Expansion and can only be obtained by players who own the expansion. tweet; Hello, hunters! Attack boost skills are tough to come by in the early game, but find the rare gear that gives you attack boosts and equip it. Every strike that hits your enemy charges up your spirit gauge, increasing the power of your attacks and … So if you’re thinkin about giving the Longsword a go or are already on top of your Longsword game and are curious to try other builds than you are in the right spot. ; Weapon Names with an underline cannot be … Skills that increase affinity and attack power, especially weakness exploit, are the best skills to focus on. Also, as you’re constantly using long series of attacks, the long sword does lose its sharpness quite quickly. This is the easiest and most straightforward combo to do when you want to up your Spirit Gauge by a level. . This list includes weapons from Monster Hunter: World and the Iceborne Expansion. This is a list of all Long Swords in Monster Hunter World. MHW: Iceborne Best Longsword Build Guide 2021. The Long Sword can regenerate Spirit Gauge by landing a successful Spirit Helm Breaker from a Spirit Thrust attack. This weapon can trip teammates because the game has a form of friendly fire, though not one that damages. Monster Hunter World: Long Sword Guide. Anybody got any tips for a new longsword user? Iceborne Expansion Explained by MHW's Handler! Explore Hoarfrost Reach! Iceborne Long Swords are Master Rank Long Swords in Monster Hunter World Iceborne (MHW). Hello! Also Read Below The Other Long Sword Guides. What upgrade path do I want for longsword? Read on to know all about the Long Swords, their damage, sharpness, elements, status effects, affinities, and available slots. Longsword has come a long way since the release of MHW Iceborne, Longsword builds until Fatalis is always about Master Touch, occasionally put in some fun skills like Punishing Draw or Punishing Impact. EXL 2 years ago #2. Are you new to the Longsword in MHW? Follow Us. ; Weapon Names in italics can be crafted from the Forge Weapons menu. In this Guide we’ll take a look at exactly how to use this Weapon to its fullest, as well as show you some things you may not know about it. The long sword’s rapid attacks eat through weapon sharpness, and losing weapon sharpness means you’re losing attack power. Longsword is the weapon i am maining for now, would really love some input, thanks in advance! To counteract this, look for the handicraft skill, which increases the base sharpness of your weapon. Title Target Audience Author(s) Hammer Guides . Pretty straight forward, but the last one can be tough to pull off in combat. Long Swords come with a Spirit Gauge, that when filled increases the damage of the player via Spirit Attacks. Level 7 Agitator grants significant increase in attack & affinity when monster is enraged. With so many weapons to choose from in Monster Hunter World, there are some players who like to opt into the safe choices.For ranged users who like to keep their distance, that would be the Bow. When it really comes down to the wire, on the other hand, use a dodge roll. The weapons use Master Rank Materials that can be obtained by completing quests and doing endgame content. Foresight Slash That’s the Longsword, by the way. 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Rather, you need to carefully watch the monster’s movements, dodge at the right times, and get away entirely when the situation calls for it. ; Weapon Names in bold are the final upgrade(s) to that Weapon Tree. The Long Sword is designed to cut and slash with a wider arching reach that fluidly incorporates these attacks with some footwork and stance changes. Share! Long Sword … The New Longsword Meta Builds | Punishing draw, Slugger Secret, Frostcraft Punishing draw is good now Lmeow. MHW: Long Sword Weapon Tree; Mire Gold Katana (MHW) N Nergal Reaver (MHW) P Pulsar Shotel I (MHW) Pulsar Shotel II (MHW) Pulsar Shotel III (MHW) R Radiant Flow (MHWI) Rafiq al-Nasr I (MHWI) Rafiq al-Nasr II (MHWI) Rage Gold Katana (MHW) Ravenbite (MHWI) Reaver "Calamity" (MHW) Reaver "Cruelty" (MHW) Reverent Elusarca (MHWI) Rooksearer Long Sword (MHWI) Rookslayer Long Sword (MHW… Your character hops backward, then jumps back in with a slash (kind of an inverse of fade slash). If you mess up, you’ll get hit and lose your spirit gauge, which is about as badly as you can mess up with the long sword. Spirit blade not only does more damage than a normal attack, but hits a much wider area and slices through the enemy regardless of the hardness of their body. This is an expert level move, requiring not only that you know the monster you’re fighting extremely well but that you practice the execution of the parry itself.

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