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One other point I may add is that in most (if not all) cases I was taught to add the plaster to the cold water. New . 52. "Sieving" powder to water overcomes some of the natural tendency of powders to aggregate (and form 'lumps' of dry material that resist proper mixing). I just want to buy a decent sized bag or package of hydrocal or anything that is virtually the same product. bag of it. It has nothing to do with the chemical reaction. A note about shellac: it's pine gum dissolved in methanol. Get free shipping on qualified Plaster products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today. https://www.usg.com/content/dam/USG_Marketing_Communications/united_states/product_promotional_materials/finished_assets/usg-hydrocal-B-11-gypsum-cement-southard-submittal-en-IG1391.pdf. I bought a large paper bag of Hydrocal from a hobby shop in the mid-1990s when I was working on my HO scale layout, which I tranferred into a large Ziploc freezer bag with the air squeezed out every time I sealed it.Would you know, that same bag of Hydrocal is still in use today, over 25 years later, for making rock mold castings for my N scale layout! Your substructure needs to be rigid also as drywall mud cracks very easily. amykins3. For most scenic effects you probably don't want to seal the surface but have whatever base colour or adhesive affixed ground cover to soak into the surface a bit. It sounds like your mix ratio was incorrect. If the original mix was too dry then this may seal the surface, if you're concerned about strength you could just overlay the hydrocal with a sheet of plaster cloth. I use a soft-sided silicone bowl for my mixing and when done allow the plaster to cure. I understand that Woodland Scenics has a special lightweight version....I don't necessarily need that. I went to the USG website and there is no dealer locator for Canada. FRED. Most likely the plaster is bad. BTW: Don't buy the WS light hydrocal - it is expensive and spotty quality. "Hydrocal"is a brand name of a plaster made by U.S.Gypsum ( supplier). I was always told to mix hydrocal to a peanut butter consistency. That's a surprise, but who wants to work with 140 degree plaster? Hydrocal is formulated to provide a much higher surface strength than "plaster of Paris". As it dries, I use my fingers to add more water to seal the cloth. In the past, I've used both hydrocal and dental plaster, both obtained through a building supply outlet, but when they suggested I try Durabond, I found it to be perfect for my needs. Puritan Pottery Plaster with 2400psi Compression Strength. I also note that the lightweight stuff separates over time. Take a look on US Gypsum's website. manage your account online and more! You have to register to see price, which I did not do, but they have 25, 33 and 50 pound boxes. Grout and thin set both instruct to add water to the powder, but I do it opposite because it makes less of a mess with my paddle mixer on the 3/4" drill. Adding a base colour to your plaster or drywall mud is a really good idea. I have seen some cement plants where aggregate and cement are mixed before being added to the truck drum. For general wall and ceiling repair. Mixing time increase strength but decreases setting time. Is there an acceptable substitute that I may find at my local hardware store ( Lowes or Home Depot)? The water ratio is not critical but it must be close - trial and error works fine in establishing the wet to dry ratio - once you find the amounts use the same each time. Shelf life is 6 months according to US Gypsum. I tried the Hydrocal first since I already had it, but I think I'll try the paste if I'm able to successfully clean out the Hydrocal. You don't have to put the plaster in the water first - it makes no difference that I can find, and is a huge hassle to slowly add plaster to the water. It could be a cheaper alternative to WS. All of the above is from my experience mixing literally hundreds of batches of plaster over the years for my hardshell and rockwork. Mel My Model Railroad   http://melvineperry.blogspot.com/ Bakersfield, California I'm beginning to realize that aging is not for wimps. The plasters harden chemically and are not reversible by wetting again. Just used regular plaster I bought 5 years ago and no problems, again properly sealed. There are a couple of colors- white, grey, Ultracal (even HARDER), etc. Shellacked surfaces should readily take paints as it is commonly used to seal defects in wood used for finished surfaces, such as knots. Create Account. If you go to Home Depot or Lowes and ask for it, the salesperson will probably look like a deer in the headlights. The concern isn't there for 'cement mixing' because the action of combining the aggregate and binders with the cement naturally accomplishes this within a few mixer turns, long within the 'retarding' period before chemical setup begins. You could also add a bit of water to stuff that was just starting to be less workable but there were limits. I am having difficulty finding Hydrocal in bulk (ie. Rob Spangler mentioned he used drywall mud for his stream bed. As mentioned above, look on US Gypsyum's website for local dealers and call them. It also works well in rock moulds. Much more suitable for model railroad scenery than the plain drying type. amykins3. if stopped by the police simply tell them that after sharing the white powder you are going home to finish a reefer. 50 lb bags or anything larger that the Woodland Scenics Quart). I'd be surprised if those include adding water to the powder. USG Hydrocal (gypsum cement): $40 for 100 lbs. Try buying it in 50 lb bags from a building supply house...Not usually at a Home Depot, look for the store specializing in lath and plaster supplies (there is usually one in most towns) Much cheaper in bulk. Because of the way a mixing drum on the delivery truck works. Thing is, you need to do the calling around yourself in your area and find it in bulk at a local lumberyard/HI/Hardware. It is hard to believe they would let WS rebrand one of their art plasters as Hydocal. I have used 10 year old stuff with no problems. With plaster of Paris or hydrocal you add the powder to the water. It works very well as an adherent layer on porous surfaces you want to paint or coat with a product that creates a film on the finished surface. A Class A line located in a personal fantasy world of semi-plausible nonsense on Tuesday, August 3rd, 1954. USG Hydro-Stone® Gypsum Cement $ 27.50 . Hydrocal is a gypsum plaster. Thanks for any help. Hydrocal is 95% Plaster of Paris and 5% Crystalline Silica. It eventually turned into a solid block of plaster.I looked at a dental supply website. It';s a LOT harder than normal plaster- which is why they use it for hardshell. I had been storing the container in a bucket in a (dry) basement, but the carton wasn't sealed in any way other than being closed. Maybe if I sprayed some water on it I could scoop it out? Hydrocal and dental plaster have a wide range of tolerances but they all go off with some heat and very decisively. Artist Anthony Pearson. If it doesn't, toss it out and start over. Soooooo......take that for what it's worth. Previous Next Total of 2. The instructions on the USG site give the mixing ratios by weight. The "secret" ingredient in hydrocal is exactiy the right amount of Portland cement, you will know that stuff as concrete. Does it go by other names? Hoedepot and lowes do carry the stuff. Worked for British Gypsum for 25 years. I don't use Hydrocal for stream beds. This involves experimenting with types of plaster to use - hydrocal or pottery plaster No.1 or paper plaster. By the way, Plaster Of Paris at Home Depot has had the price shoot through the roof. To control setting time, I use baking powder. Lynn Westcott said that it is the plaster that makes alabaster. The lady suggested I go to Dallas. Its easy-to-mix formula dries to a dense, durable finish that resists paint absorption. Most of the aggregate used in my applications was comparatively fine, and could be mechanically mixed before truck roll; as some of the constituents of 'reinforcement' need to be wetted too for proper internal adhesion, early assured mixing to spec would be preferable to introducing water to powder in my opinion for this specific type of application. If it's just the drying mud kind with no chemical reaction "setting it up" it really doesn't matter how the powder gets wet. Not sure why. The stuff is far stronger than we actually need. Presumably only in an air tight container stored in dry conditions. Start with 1/2 tsp (teaspoon) in a cup of plaster - this will double the set time to 30-40 minutes, which is about right for me. In the 80's I was able to source a big 80# ? Hydrocal is one form of plaster. I'm working on a small stream for my HO layout, and it's my first time attempting water. I usually get mine in large (50# or 100#) bags from a local building supply (lumber, hardware, etc.)

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