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As a long time Fuji owner I would rather go with the A6400 than the X-T30 - because Speed and reliability matter to me, but really IBIS is what I would want in such a camera. Yes, it is the same grip as the A6300. I found I can change setting faster with the knobs and assortment of buttons versus having to assign Fn buttons and use menus. That's what I've always said about Fuji... it's more about an experience than having the best IQ out there, because it doesn't necessarily have the best IQ, but it's suitable for many people. I just bought a X-T30 and it overheats after 2-3 minutes in 1080p @ 60FPS. Fujinon is not L glass neither in terms of QA, nor in terms of image circle coverage. @MILC man (also known as OSV, who has been banned some time ago). Camera reviews are getting to be like car reviews in many ways. Alongside the price change, Capture One has added a seat to new license purchases. I have been putting too many shots on my A7III and my A7RII. Getting the shot, in focus and properly exposed. The full frames are great but they’re overpriced and do not target this system. Mft isn't neglectedApsc will never be neglected (Sony has done it for some some but it isn't the right move)You say glass stays, and if you want to move up to FF invest in E mount. If only Nikon could do something like they did with the Df, but in a ML format, I would definitely get that. I hope that you realize that. That's why it's more detailed than the 4K from the C200, which is straight 4K. @RubberDials "The XT-30 has a faster read-out and as good or better 4K quality, but inferior video AF and a 15 minute recording time. For some reason I feel that the Sony puts a bit more grain into videos than the Fuji, although perhaps there are settings to minimize that. Yes, i do own it, and used it since ages at unsecure locations here & there, so i can judge it. I question the statement of a f2.8 acting like an F4! Like 6K to 4K, or 6K to 1080p, depending on what the user wants. none of us really know how Fuji engineering resources are split up; but it's just a constant whiny claim from Fuji owners that sony isn't "dedicated" to aps-c, because sony also makes ff cameras. Lens selection depends on the user too. So how did you intend "Fuji focuses on it's medium format cameras, not aps-c" to be interpreted? I have a Sony A7R3 and it is hideous to hold and little better to look at and experience. I think that an adaptor came out for Canon, but not sure for Nikon. Some of them are highly regarded. But plenty of people do and love it. SmallRig Cage for Sony A6000/A6300/A6400/A6500 with Meike MK-A6300/A6500 Battery Grip CCS2268 is designed to provide protection and mounting options for Sony A6 series camera. Exceptions are exceptions but quality FF glass is big and expensive even in mirrorless.Too many wrongs in one post. I have the same feeling. Find out in our field review. Yet I also guess that under 10% of people on this forum (much less the general populace) would be able to pass a test in which they had to pick out Fuji photos from identically framed OOC jpeg photos from cameras made by the other manufacturers. I wasn’t aware of a portfolio requirement either. Good travel cameras should be small, versatile, and offer good image quality. Ergonomically the X-T30 has as many faults as the A6400. I guess I should have dug deeper still. I mean this camera might as well state it uses AI because it can take the most ordinary picture and make it look like a work of art. I think it means if you zoom in to any camera phone pic you realise it is a hideous mush, so if you want detail, clarity and an ability to crop you might want a proper camera. I can only conclude that it must be a bug or oversight. I wish I'd known before I bought these: So invest in 3 Sigma APSC lenses and then move to FF? Sony Bayer RAWs are well-supported in all the popular RAaw editors, while X-Trans can be finicky. M43 excels at that but you pretend it doesn’t exist, yet it’s a major reason for “regular” people to even own a camera. Thanks Richard, does that mean the X-A5 is roughly par with X-T100? Buying FF lenses for APSC is pointless, because you lose any benefit from the smaller format. Grip. You are a camera journalist. Loses many features? Absolutely Dantist. The shorter A6400 allows me to cram.a ton of kit into a tiny bag, while it's greater width (due to grip) isn't a factor with any lens attached.-RAW support. Which is best for you: the Fujifilm X-T200 or X-T30? "Fuji is split between incompatible mf vs. aps-c lenses". When I do shoot landscape, I'm not convinced as well. How you feel when you're using the camera counts a lot. Fuji lenses are on the whole worth the money in my experience. On top of that the hyped Fuji colors are, sorry, IMHO crap. Things like usability, lens system, colors, and how enjoyable the cameras are to use. I was very accurate regarding things that I like and I don't like about the system. This has nothing to do with AF, which is spectacular on the A6400 and great on the XT30. Most of the people who shoot Fuji's like them because of the experience (the dials, film simulations, etc). If so, if you really feel that way, you need to switch to Sony or the new Nikon mirrorless now. Regarding the button layout, we can highlight the AF joystick on the rear of the X-S10. That 6K video and downsampling takes up valuable processing power and data transfer, hence you have the rolling effect.Good details -> Skewed objects.You have to use the crop mode which actually uses about 8MP of the sensor (1.8x crop) to get reasonable rolling shutter.So pick your poison. Good balance for the most part though, especially zooms. After years of DPR banging this drum. I'm not sure why both of you are so exercised by the A6500, but it has some of the best 4K on the market. But when you look at mirrorless you can have very fast and accurate CAF in both stills and videos. @sirkhann, So in these comments you've complained vociferously about: - Fuji's pricing- the optical quality of its lenses- the number of lenses available- its raw processing- the raw files themselves- its JPEG processing- its colour science- the X-trans sensor- the system's suitability for landscape photography- the overhyping of the system- Kaizen being a fraud- Fuji users deluding themselves. Standard corporate behaviour. $30.00 shipping. The comparison tool is not a flawless and final judge of a cameras image quality, it is only one additional useful tool. This marginal improvement does not make or break a camera system. I guess this is the mirrorless action CAF debacle. I love fuji though - they are a pleasure to shoot with and the lenses are great! Yes I know: Lightroom is bad for Fuji files. It is that simple. I read your article. The Crane 3S is a heavy-duty gimbal designed for serious projects. Not ever photographer cares about sensor size, especially those doing things like street photography (which Fuji's are known to be used for). Take Fuji and feel the great difference between Fuji and Sony images rendering. All the more bizarre that you've targeted someone who has had so much positive to say about Fujifilm's X-Series. There are a lot of photo/video cameras that have found a role as B-cameras on professional productions or A-camera for amateur and independent productions. Meike Wireless Remote Control Battery Grip for Sony … Is it a good fit for you? Scientifically??? on the same thought nearly every single person viewing any image online is using a uncalibrated monitor so does it really matter? Neither is perfect. I never liked X-T10-20-30 because of the hipster design. How odd. There's no reason to believe the processor has been upgraded from the A6300 that was released 3 years ago, as it's using the same sensor. It's annoying that ISO requires toggling the rear wheel!-Battery/grip. Fuji itself is a niche brand about an experience, hence the dials on the top of their cameras like those found on old film bodies. Besides, I have an A7II with a battery grip, as well as an A6XXX body. And their priorities do not seem to be mft or aps-c centric. @T3 are you seriously considering mounting the 50-100 on an aXXXX body? Fuji focuses on it's medium format cameras, not aps-c. for example, how many years did it take for Fuji to come up with a real macro lens for x-mount... sony already had at least three e-mount macro lenses. The Fuji glass is far superior. If I get out my luna pro and meter a scene and shoot in with my fuji the exposure is correct, no compensation needed! That is not true. As far as Sony APS-C go, I believe only Sigma is trickling some lenses here and there. The 80mm is real, and they released many lenses for the APS-C system over the last years, and still have a roadmap of upcoming lenses. I also think that from a price/performance standpoint, especially with glass, Fuji wins in that department as well. And it truly is...the worst EVF i've ever seen, onto a 2013 Camera (even the EVF from my 2004 Oly 8080 and Sony R1 from 2005 is much better, than this cr@p onto the A3000. Vertical grip is not performing well. The ergonomics of the Fuji is a disaster, and the quality of construction, I had X-T10 and my nose was constantly beating the back of the camera for having an evf that does not protrude and without a decent eye cap (or option without making fixes) , the grip is shallow, it is heavy, it feels very decompensated in the hand. My impression is that the Fuji system is great, but it is a niche system and it overhyped. You get married, have three kids and you don't have time to mess around with every image in lightroom so you buy Fuji. In the handling section it should be noticed that the grip on the Sony allows for easier one-handed operation (when using appropriately sized lenses of course). So it's not fair to say that it wasn't pointed out. @chadley if you can't figure out how to use the equipment, IQ doesn't mean anything because your images most likely won't be quality images (unless you use Auto mode maybe, but then creativity is sort of gone/dimished at that point). Sony even admitted it themselves. Given how laggy the touchscreen is, I would prefer to use a joystick for small AF point adjustments, like in the X-E3. -RAW support. You'll have to sell that trio when you move to FF, don't you know?There are people who don't want to carry big and heavy stuff as well, and most quality FF lenses are quite big and heavy. Second Camera for Full Frame Shooters If you have a full Sony full frame kit including many of Sony’s best full frame lenses, you will find many of those lenses are not stabilized. i'm glad that sony didn't spend r&d money on that, and then raise the price of the camera to pay for it. US manufacturer Really Right Stuff just released a new lightweight travel tripod, aimed at active and weight-conscious photographers that don't want to compromise on quality. A mid-range camera doesn't change this. The T-20 skipped lines if I'm correct. Watch. it takes longer to get the shot on the sony every time you need to resetup. While the Fuji was fun to shoot, I just wasn't getting the IQ I wanted out of it (for landscapes and portraits). Now that we've wrapped up our final review of Sony's mid-range a6400, we're taking it into account as a whole; here's how we think it stacks up for some common photographic use cases. The Sony is good optically, but it's the operation of it that bothered me. I would love a larger battery in a bigger grip. That’s not the problem. When you want good CAF for a low price then a Sony or Fuji mirrorless is the best choice at the moment. Don't get fooled by how it looks. Sony's habit of giving similar names to cameras that look the same can make it difficult to choose between them. Just very interesting that the the entry level kit lens for the Fuji body is ignored in the comparison and this very old Sony lens design is at a price premium to the Fuji lens. Nikon cites 'differences in regional laws and safety standards' for the change, which will see its comprehensive international warranty transition to more region-specific warranties by the end of the month. 19 sold. -Lens price/size. I found that too. The obvious conclusion is an APSC A7 type body.I would be interested.Like I said, judging by the A77 II resale values there is still a demand for such a camera. This article merely scratches the surface instead of normal cameras comparison, maybe because in DPReview they think that these cameras are bought by iPhone shootres who understand nothing in photography except AF performance. I could get one for times when i need the CAF and when IBIS isn't a must, but again, a DSLR kit can do everything i need CAF for and at far lower prices. Neither of the two. Yes there are some good Sony lenses, but they are most costly for the APS-C line. Does anyone else have this camera and grip? The first two XF level glass, and cover much of the range. Whether you're taking still shots or movies, creative compositions or everyday selfie shots, you'll enjoy beautiful images that you'll want to share, on the go. I can't remember the last time I did one. That's something to consider. Perhaps it's time to give the "Sony cameras aren't engaging" line a rest. Just my public thoughts. You know … I have never shot it and I have shot it all. 2. You called the 80mm macro vaporware, you claimed that Fuji will have their priority on the MF-system, when they released it, and you were wrong! High resolution, weather-sealed bodies and wide dynamic range are all important. F2.8 is always F2.8. While we still believe it to be true (and, despite the variety of perspectives in the office, it's one of the few things we all broadly agree on), we'll continue to say it. I love both cameras, but I still think that for slightly more $$ you get a much more professional package (X-T3.) It must indeed be said/repeated that the Fuji jpg modes are very very nice indeed. needing specific gear only is understandable, but it's personal preference, it has nothing to do with hard facts in a gear discussion. b&h lists 265 e-mount lenses for sale right now, that will all work on sony aps-c, vs. 144 lenses for x-mount... there are also real adapters for e-mount, like the mc-11. These are all my personal opinions, and I wouldn't mourn if you swapped my A6400 for an X-T30 tomorrow. It is safe to say that Sony hasn’t changed much about the design of the two new cameras. You certainly suckered me in. But the sensors and their future matter. With the A6400, you have the bad rolling shutter, but you also have class leading video AF, some of the best 4K available and unlimited recording time. The menus are better than sony but when you're really used to it, not a huge difference there. I also called that out explicitly in the G95 review-in-progress and made sure the numbers appear in the reviews of the a6400 and X-T30. If I ever have the need I can stretch that coverage with the 8-16mm zoom. The Sony A3000 does have a decent 20 MP Sensor, and good Handgrip! Functionally, the Sony VG-C3EM grip is excellent. I've never exercised with the a6500, I didn't even bring it up originally. 265 e-mount lenses is a fact, that you'd like to pretend doesn't exist, because it proves how lousy the x-mount lens selection really is. The a6400's LCD flips up for selfies and vlogging, although you'll have to add a bracket or other accessory if you want the screen to face forward and use a shotgun mic at the same time. That claim is demonstrably false". Find out in our initial review. Sony A6400 Vello BG-S5 Battery Grip >> Sony NP-FW50 Battery Charger Options >> Ergonomics Related: When it comes to ergonomics the A6400 is pretty good overall, but for extended use and when using with larger heavier lenses you can utilize a few different accessories to help yourself out. Here is an example that shows how bad rolling shutter on the A6400 looks with just with a simple pan: Well played mate. We think it could be a good fit for photographers of all kinds – find out more in our full review. So as ozturert said, pick your poison. You know what is engaging? My favorite Setup so far is the a6400 + Sony 85mm 1.8(127.5mm Effective Crop Sensor) or the Sigma 16mm 1.4 (21mm Effective Crop Sensor). If you own several cameras, this is going to be your new favorite in no time. I have chosen Fujifilm and I expect nothing but perfection at this price point; and they are not quite there yet. Meanwhile, the a6400 has NO time-based limit on 4k video. Are you just arguing for the sake of it? Yes, it is 1" sensor in RX100. They are both fantastic cameras and buyers of either are quite lucky! I know it's not as advanced in many ways as the two above, and the sensor is older, but for something that can be used for CAF action shots, it can't be beat. I think I got him away from his phone camera by recommending Olympus. We felt the E-M10 III offered a lot of what the GX85 did, but with nicer JPEGs. I was one of the beta tester when the original Nex3 came out, A55 etc...IMHO, if you only occasionally shoot videos, And if you are more of still photographer, like me, and love, to fiddle less with RAW files, Fuji is the camera for you;). Camera sales are plummeting due to smartphones, and manufacturers just aren't prepared to invest R&D into giving us decent upgrades. The Sony cameras are superb, but very different than Fuji. There are so many lenses that you can mount on the Sony.5. Researchers at the University of Arizona have used NASA's HiRISE camera, which is onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, to capture high-resolution images of the Valles Marineris canyon on Mars. Please watch it and then tell me that A6500 is unsuitable for the subjects you detail. 10-18, 18-105g, 18-55, 55-200 are all great value zooms, in line with Fuji offerings both price and iq wise. XTrans just cannot capture the same amount of colour information and many converters struggle with suppressing colour artefacts. DPR - you need to add a vacation and travel category. Exposure X6 is the latest Adobe Lightroom competitor from Exposure Software. Fujinon lenses are great in the centre. They are all mostly editorials, which is OK. the xt3 is 1400 USD. 16-50 is junk. I realize this is about the T30, etc., but I was curious. I will be more than happy to be able to use some of the L glass that you despise on my Fujifilm camera. But there's something about feeling joy from holding a camera while you are LOOKING for that shot. Fuji glass is not overpriced. But I suspect the in-RAW noise reduction is applied even there. "New Bionz X processor (related to that in the professional a9) allows for better autofocus and faster bootup times among other benefits". A6X00 cameras take 6K video and then downsample that to 4K, that's why you have very good details BUT also horrible rolling shutter. Fujifilm's latest X-S10 is a likeable mirrorless camera with some of the company's best tech packed inside, and it doesn't cost the earth. Meike Battery Grip for Sony A6400 Sony doesn't have a battery grip for the APSC line of cameras. Meike MK-A6300 Vertical Multi Power Battery Hand Grip For Sony A6300 A6000 A6400. Both build on the legacies of Gold Award-winning predecessors, which helps establish them as presumed big hitters. Each one of them still suffers the homogeneity issue while weighting the same and being priced comparable or even higher than its Full-frame counterparts from other renowned manufacturers. That's fine. If you purchased your Sony a6000, a6100, a6300, a6400 or a6500 mirrorless camera with a lens, you have everything you need to begin shooting. Wanted a less costly camera for Soccer games, LaCrosse games, Etc. Fanboys only point out someones obsession not actual criticisms. Its a great camera, but I find it almost impossible to hold comfortably for any sort of time, it is too cramped and it looks meh. The Sony a6400 is a slim mirrorless camera with an EVF, fast autofocus, 4K video, and a flip-up screen. No there isn't, but so what? From that use, I can say that the Sony's greater manual-focus magnification makes it a joy to use in manual focus. "there is absolutely no arguing with the fact that Fuji engineering resources are splitting time between medium format and aps-c". It means if you are not generally interested in zoom, just get a prime lens. Charrick, I can only say that I was quite happy the colours with my now antique d200 and when I tried the xpro1 I immediately loved its jpegs, more so than my nikon. A 200mm F2.8 behaves like a 300mm F4 lens on a per-image basis. Besides being able to share lenses with my X-T3, IMO the ability to interact with the camera was just better on the Fuji. Totally agree. @Vignes: "how do you scientifically proof Sony AF is better? All Sony had to do was put a new sensor in the very small A55 body and take the mirror out! I've kept all my Sony lenses just in case. Glad to hear you worked it out and thanks for sharing the solution. CaptureOne works extremely well, so does the SilkyPix based EX 3.0 Converter. I own both Sony and Fuji gear, and the only time I even think about Sony ergonomics is when you bring it up. -Size. I suspect this will come back to haunt them eventually. One thing I don't understand, the X-T30 review states the 1080p video quality is much better than the a6400 - Why? there is no path to ff with Fuji aps-c, it's a dead end. @razorfish.... you can maintain at least a little bit of credibility if you make at least a tiny effort to hide your bias. Subscription costs have also increased. Some dead end! Unless you got the Made in Japan version, which had better glass. Yeah, the camera is not suitable for whip pans. 2. weather-sealed (splashproof) I'm also a stills-only novice. Everything else onto this body screams only : i am cheap! This edition of the 'Absolute beginner’s guide to film photography' will cover the bare necessities – what you need to get started. 3. Both (6D & D610) are better from both (a6400 & x-t30) . With a center EVF on a small body like the XT-30, I find my right hand and space trying to occupy the same space. As for your "the Fuji lens selection just doesn't cut it" claim, I can only respond with this: @notchy - "I was responding to your statement that Fuji are only concentrating on medium format. Chris and Jordan from DPReview TV have already looked at their various strengths and weaknesses, so we're going to look at how they compare for different types of photography. "There’s barely any APSC Sony lenses to speak of." With great image quality, impressive speed and powerful features, it's a compelling option that doesn't require a monthly subscription. I never even cared nor bothered with ergonomics/handling prior to shooting Fuji and was only considered about the shot. @notchy - "Fuji have released 32 X-Series cameras in eight years and 26 or so X-Mount lenses within the same period.". Moreover, I'm afraid that's in the end a mistake on their side as it diverges resources from APS-C line and unlikely to make any significant profits for them both in short and long term. Fuji's current selection probably covers 90% of what most Fuji users shoot anyway. All content, design, and layout are Copyright © 1998 - 2021 Digital Photography Review All Rights Reserved. I'm perfectly content with the quality of Fuji's lenses and the number and range available to me. Not having to worry about tracking really frees up attention for composition, exposure, and your environment.-Animal eye AF. It is world class glass for less than L money. Shipped with USPS First Class. IF you're intention is to go to FF, then don't buy Fuji. Sony went the other way, and crippled their FF mount in the process. @onlyfreeman: " 'New Bionz X processor (related to that in the professional a9) allows for better autofocus and faster bootup times among other benefits' I assume this means that more processing power is needed for the real-time tracking, which can also be utilised for video processing?". @RubberdialsI can't see any obvious rolling shutter in the video you linked, but you wouldn't expect any problems with the band as there's no fast pans, and the skateboarding is done with a wide angle lens so there's a lot of distortion anyway. The 1080p video quality is perplexingly worse than an a6000 and also the RX100 cameras. Maybe not a huge jump in quality, maybe there is, but the point is I shoot more and have fun with the Fuji. Funny, I mentioned aps-c SENSORS becoming a neglected category (as mft sensors already are), not aps-c bodies. there is absolutely no arguing with the fact that Fuji engineering resources are splitting time between medium format and aps-c, period. Why is this a controversy? But it is a quite obvious issue that Fuji fanboys are the worst - if someone dares to point out a flaw with the system, some "smart" guys comes from nowhere to claim that "Your not Fuji user".

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