legere oboe reed american scrape

} else { } European Scrape Oboe Reed. } Legere Oboe Reed (American Scrape: Coming Soon - Preorder Only) SKU: $149.00. if (window.ShopifyBuy.UI) { She is performing the duets, and asked to play. The reed was moderately responsive for me. "contents": { function ShopifyBuyInit() { "@media (min-width: 601px)": { I feel the synthetic reeds that Legere makes have the potential to give musicians peace of mind. A few years later and here I am,  looking at little noise making  tube of plastic sticking out of my oboe. One of the major Quebec oboe teachers was Bernard Jean, and most of the oboists from his line seem to … I did and the reed becomes hairy (sorry for my english) and difficult to play. Surgical edge vs pushing edge. Here's what they said: Here is the first look at three of our double reed prototypes! Legere does include a small instruction manual that states the reed will “break in” over time. I have heard good things about the ReedGeek product, so it may be time to pick one up anyway. All reeds are made to an initial aperture between 0.68-0.72 mm, but this will change after the reed is played. } /*]]>*/. I don’t think it is a good thing if the prices too high also leaves the firm open to being ripped off with bad copies from other parts of the world "width": "calc(25% - 20px)" I heard some lovely recordings of oboists playing on the reed a few days ago and  was impressed that someone finally made a good sounding oboe reed from synthetic materials. I will also be interested to see how the reed changes over time as it is played on more. They deliver consistency, durability and an instant response without any need for adjustment. These reeds have been used in top-level orchestras since their release and have since become the only viable alternative to cane reeds. And a lot better than we imagined. I was off to a good start. Have a great week. "cart": { I took the reed from its holster and stuck it in the oboe conveniently sitting on my table and played for a bit. I attributed this in part to my relaxed summer playing and practice schedule. "modalProduct": { ":focus": { Legere warns American players that this reed may be more "resistant" than an American scrape reed. "height": "0" ":hover": { My test would need to be continued later because a student was about to arrive. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. "@media (min-width: 601px)": { "padding-bottom": "15px", Guy Légère and Dr. Mark Kortschot with a mission to bring high-end synthetic reeds to customers. I assume the reed will become slightly different as it is played. At Your Service. We finished the duets and shared our thoughts again. I am a bass clarinetist, love my Legere reeds, and barely know which end of an oboe reed to put in my mouth. "font-size": "14px", Legere Reeds BETA Testing Project – Terms and Conditions. Trying out Legere oboe reeds. Their ease of playing is the reason these reeds are heard in some of the most prestigious orchestras and on stages and recording studios around the world. Reed styles3. "button": "Add to cart" function loadScript() { Happy oboe-ing, http://hodgeproductsinc.com/legere-synthetic-pro-oboe-reed/, /*

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